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CountryMart Unadvertised Finds 9/9: Yoplait, St. Ives, Progresso Soup Update, Cereal BOGO Sales Update

I went by the CountryMart on Gore and Cache yesterday and found a couple of cheap finds. Have you found anything great this week?

Yoplait Delights, $1.59
$1/2 Peelie (found on product)
Final Price: $.59 each wyb 2

St. Ives Lotions (all varieties)
50% off clearance
These have been on sale for 2 weeks now but there are plenty to choose from
Check shelves on Gore and End Cap on Cache
Final Price: $2.21 (got any good coupons?)

I also spoke with the manager on Gore about the Progresso Soups that have only a few BOGO signs out. I was concerned that the ‘select varieties’ statement in their ad might be EXTREMELY select with only 3 varieties but she said she had received an email the day before telling her they will all ring up at $1.39 each. The ‘Classics’ will ring up at $1.54 each. She had hoped to get one more email confirmation before she switched signs and it should be situated by today. Check your register receipt if you have any concerns.

Also, the General Mills cereals that are on the BOGO sale only include Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs, Lucky Charms, and Regular Cheerios. Both stores were out of Cheerios. But, some of the other General Mills cereals are marked down to $3 so you could still get a nice deal with one BOGO cereal (or 2) and one sale cereal.

Be sure to check the Post cereals. I know we didn’t have any coupons to match with these but they are included in the BOGO sale and have many varieties that are under $2 a box. The Golden Crisps are ringing up at $1.69 and even include $4 in coupons.

Coupons Include (all will double!):
$1/1 Gladware, Food Bags, Press n’ Seal, or Cling Wraps (exp 07/01/2012)
$1/2 Bic Stationary (exp 07/01/2012)
$1/2 V8 Splash (exp 07/31/2012)
$.50/2 Campbell’s Kids Condensed Soup (exp 07/31/2012)
$1/2 Goldfish Crackers (4.5oz+) (exp 07/31/2012)


Reserve a Free Chick-fil-A Breakfast Entree for Sept 6-10

UPDATE: There are still quite a few reservation day and times for the Lawton Chick-fil-A on Cache Rd available to redeem this FREEBIE coupon!

I tried to sign up for this deal Monday and the site was having technical difficulties. Thanks to reader Wanda H. for reminding me to give it a try again this morning. I’ve read there have been a few issues this morning but I was able to reserve my own FREE Breakfast entree and the Cache Rd Chick-fil-A in Lawton, OK still has over 2500 reservations available for the week of September 6-10 (Monday is full, but Tues-Sat still have available reservations at the time of this post). Just pick a day and time you would like to enjoy your FREE breakfast entree item and then check your emails for a printable coupon to take with you during your reservation date and time next week.

Reserve your FREE Breakfast Entree from Chick-fil-A

Also, be sure to add Lawton Chick-fil-A to your Facebook so you don’t miss out on location specific FREEBIES. The Cache Rd Chick-fil-A gave away free Chicken Biscuits last week to Facebook fans, did you get one?

IHOP: Kids Eat Free w/Adult Monday-Thursday 4pm-10pm

I received an email letting me know that the IHOP on 38th Street in Lawton is offering another Kids Eat Free deal. There are no dates listed on the email other than Monday-Thursday from 4pm-10pm in the evenings. So, maybe this deal will go on for an indefinite time rather than just next week (9/5). We love Breakfast for Dinner so my son will be happy to see this deal back again. Call ahead if you have any questions or concerns about this deal being honored.

$1/1 Simply Orange Coupon = $.99 at CountryMart

There is a new Simply Orange printable coupon today and if you pair it with the CountryMart sale this week (8/31-9/6) you can grab a 59oz bottle for only $.99! (if coupon doubles)

Print $1/1 Simply Orange coupon

Seize the Deal Lawton: $15 Full Set of Minx Nails at Perfect 10 Salon

Has clipping coupons left your nails looking a little worse for wear? Do you need an afternoon of hand pampering but want to see the savings you’ve become accustomed to while using coupons? Look no further. Seize the Deal Lawton has a great deal for us to do just that with 57% savings on a full set of Minx Nails at Perfect 10 Salon in Lawton. This Deal has already been seized so all you have to do is go get yours. The deal is valid through Monday (9/5) but you will have until December (12/7) to redeem your voucher. Just pay $15 to get a manicure and use your savings (and super cute nails) to hit the stores with style!

Sign in or Join Seize the Deal Lawton to Seize your Manicure Deal

Waldenbooks/Borders Closing in Lawton Area: Final 2 Weeks; Where to Get Books Now?

I’m an avid reader so I’ve been sad to hear that the only big name bookstore in the Lawton area is closing. For the next 2 weeks you can find prices at 60-80% off original prices at Waldenbooks in Central Mall as they prepare to close. I made it up there to take a look around a few weeks back but I wasn’t impressed with prices enough to stock up just yet. I hope to make it up there again in the coming weeks but it’s made me start to wonder; Where will we get books now?

I know there is a Hastings on Sheridan and even a couple of trade book stores on Gore but where do you get most of your books these days? I haven’t gotten my hands on the Kindle yet but I would love to hear your thoughts on them if you’ve tried one. I love Half Price Books in OKC but I don’t make it up there enough to keep my book habit satisfied. How do you satisfy your love of books locally besides the library and Walmart?

Seize the Deal Lawton: 1/2 Price Donuts at Wright Donuts, 2 Dozen Glazed Donuts for $6.50

Another yummy deal is available on Seize the Deal Lawton this morning. The Wright Donuts has a 1/2 price deal on 2 Dozen Glazed Donuts for only $6.50 (normally $13). This deal will never expire but you only have until midnight tomorrow (9/1) to Seize the Deal. Limited to 1 per person.

Sign Up or Log In now to Seize your 1/2 price Wright Donut deal!

Freebie Monday: Stripes Lunch Taco

Did you remember that Monday is Freebie day at Stripes? Don’t forget to print your coupon for a FREE Lunch Taco good for 8/29 from 11am-2pm. Just be sure to go Like Stripes on Facebook and check out the Shwag Cooler under the ‘It’s Go Time’ tab to print your Freebie coupon.

Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 8/28

You can find a list of what inserts to expect throughout the year HERE.

This week (8/28) it says 1 RedPlum, 1 SmartSource, 1 P&G

You can find the full insert preview for RedPlum HERE.

You can find the full insert preview for SmartSource HERE.

You can find the full insert preview for P&G HERE.

Thanks Sunday Coupon Preview

Want to know where to get multiple papers or extra coupons in the Lawton area? Here are a few ideas on how I keep my coupon stack healthy without breaking the bank.

  • Buy the Sunday Paper on Monday or Tuesday at Country Mart or Kmart for only $1
  • Buy the Sunday Paper Monday-Wednesday direct from Lawton Constitution for only $.75
  • Join Lawton Coupon Connection or Couponing in Lawton on Facebook for specific trading or coupon trading events
  • Use my own Facebook page for help finding particular coupons or any questions or concerns (I keep an eye on the page daily–sometimes all day! lol)
  • Stop by Curious Goods and check out their basket of coupons (you are not required to replace any coupons you take, but you are welcome to leave any you want to share). Check out Curious Goods on Facebook with any questions you may have.
  • Dumpster Dive Recycling Bins: This is an option I haven’t tried myself but I’ve heard from others who have and it’s legal to do so in Lawton. It’s this option that has provided a multitude of inserts while coupon trading here in Lawton. You can find bins located at Eastside Park (west of MacArthur High) and Grandview Park (west of Eisenhower Elementary). Keep in mind that you should only take what you can use or send those that you don’t back to the recycle bin on your next trip.

Keri Lotion Deal at Walgreens in Lawton Area

The Keri Lotion deal is almost over and with only 2 days left to score that great Register Reward I decided to try one last time to hunt these down and see what I could find. Last week it was a great Money Maker but if you tried at all to find them here in the Lawton area then I’m betting you ended your shopping trip a little less than satisfied. I went to 2 of our 3 Walgreen’s today trying to find these lotions and I left both stores without the Keri deal. I was a little frustrated with the first store when the cashier said ‘We may be out of them’. I wanted to know if there were any in the back but oddly enough she was a little more sure this time and answered with a more absolute, ‘No, we’re out.’

I just want to say that this cashier must have some crazy, awesome super powers. (X-ray vision, super fast speed, or some other super hero trait that allowed her to check without ever leaving the register) Whatever happened to great customer service? I haven’t shopped Walgreens in YEARS due to their prices, it was always cheaper to go to Dollar General or even Walmart. Now that I know how to save money using coupons and the very ads this store produces trying to draw in business from people like me, it feels like they just wish couponers such as myself would go away. Really? I love Walgreens now and would miss it if I had to stop going but when I get the run-around or have a bad experience it makes me want to take my coupons (and MONEY) and go somewhere else. How are they not getting that?

But I digress. What I really wanted to share was the reason we haven’t been able to find it and this info comes straight from the Beauty Adviser at the 2nd store I visited today. She told me that they’ve been emailing their distributor all month long about these items and still only managed to receive 6 bottles for all of last week. Keep in mind that last week was the time to get them as a great Money Maker since they were on sale AND printing a $5 Register Reward. She told me that since they only had 6 bottles, she put them on the counter and they were gone quick. So, if you’ve been trying for this deal to no avail I have some possibly good news for you. Both stores did inform me that they are getting their shipment in tomorrow. No guarantees that they will get the Keri Lotion as this is apparantly some kind of mishap with the distributor rather than our local Walgreens but since we only have 2 days left on this deal (ends 8/27) it might be worth seeing what you can find. Good Luck and Happy Customer Service (hopefully)!