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Keri Lotion Deal at Walgreens in Lawton Area

The Keri Lotion deal is almost over and with only 2 days left to score that great Register Reward I decided to try one last time to hunt these down and see what I could find. Last week it was a great Money Maker but if you tried at all to find them here in the Lawton area then I’m betting you ended your shopping trip a little less than satisfied. I went to 2 of our 3 Walgreen’s today trying to find these lotions and I left both stores without the Keri deal. I was a little frustrated with the first store when the cashier said ‘We may be out of them’. I wanted to know if there were any in the back but oddly enough she was a little more sure this time and answered with a more absolute, ‘No, we’re out.’

I just want to say that this cashier must have some crazy, awesome super powers. (X-ray vision, super fast speed, or some other super hero trait that allowed her to check without ever leaving the register) Whatever happened to great customer service? I haven’t shopped Walgreens in YEARS due to their prices, it was always cheaper to go to Dollar General or even Walmart. Now that I know how to save money using coupons and the very ads this store produces trying to draw in business from people like me, it feels like they just wish couponers such as myself would go away. Really? I love Walgreens now and would miss it if I had to stop going but when I get the run-around or have a bad experience it makes me want to take my coupons (and MONEY) and go somewhere else. How are they not getting that?

But I digress. What I really wanted to share was the reason we haven’t been able to find it and this info comes straight from the Beauty Adviser at the 2nd store I visited today. She told me that they’ve been emailing their distributor all month long about these items and still only managed to receive 6 bottles for all of last week. Keep in mind that last week was the time to get them as a great Money Maker since they were on sale AND printing a $5 Register Reward. She told me that since they only had 6 bottles, she put them on the counter and they were gone quick. So, if you’ve been trying for this deal to no avail I have some possibly good news for you. Both stores did inform me that they are getting their shipment in tomorrow. No guarantees that they will get the Keri Lotion as this is apparantly some kind of mishap with the distributor rather than our local Walgreens but since we only have 2 days left on this deal (ends 8/27) it might be worth seeing what you can find. Good Luck and Happy Customer Service (hopefully)!