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Waldenbooks/Borders Closing in Lawton Area: Final 2 Weeks; Where to Get Books Now?

I’m an avid reader so I’ve been sad to hear that the only big name bookstore in the Lawton area is closing. For the next 2 weeks you can find prices at 60-80% off original prices at Waldenbooks in Central Mall as they prepare to close. I made it up there to take a look around a few weeks back but I wasn’t impressed with prices enough to stock up just yet. I hope to make it up there again in the coming weeks but it’s made me start to wonder; Where will we get books now?

I know there is a Hastings on Sheridan and even a couple of trade book stores on Gore but where do you get most of your books these days? I haven’t gotten my hands on the Kindle yet but I would love to hear your thoughts on them if you’ve tried one. I love Half Price Books in OKC but I don’t make it up there enough to keep my book habit satisfied. How do you satisfy your love of books locally besides the library and Walmart?

Did You Miss Me?–I Missed You!

I haven’t had access to the internet for a week and if my sweetie had no idea before how much it is my lifeline to anything and everything outside of this house, he sure figured it out this week. “Check the weather, find an address, what’s our balance, is anything good on TV tonight, where’s the music, message me later”. “Um, honey, we can’t do that without internet”. Not to mention the times we argue about what to watch with only my laptop to serve as a solution to the question ‘Who is Master of the Remote?’ I’ve been told more often than I’d like to think that I’m on the computer too much but after this week it might just make sense and the internet will be welcomed back with open arms.

I thought couponing was taking up a lot of my time in the week but I was clipped and organized by Monday evening and that was after being 2 weeks behind on newspapers and cleaning out expired coupons. I also didn’t start until Monday afternoon and did laundry at the same time. There is really no excuse not to save hundreds a month on groceries when it only takes a few hours a week to do so! So, I spent Tuesday hoping to be back online and even had a few posts written out on Word to publish as soon as the internet was taken care of (Those are outdated now so that was an afternoon wasted). But, I did gain some perspective about my time online and after power cleaning the house, reading 3 books (Julie Kenner is a hoot with her Demon Hunting, Soccer Mom series), and watching several movies (all of that on top of being MOM with play time, dinner, laundry, etc), I’ve found that I should have plenty of time to do all the things I’d like to do but I spend too much time online doing things that aren’t really accomplishing anything.

School starts for us in less than 2 weeks, so I will be working out a schedule that works for me and my household that will keep me doing the things I love and still have time for the people I love all while working in the things I don’t necessarily love, but need to do.  I’m sorry that CountryMart didn’t happen last week but I will have the upcoming ad posted soon and we have a few more fun finds I’ve already scoped out in the emails. I’m back and refreshed and I truly missed doing this, so stay tuned!

I’m Back! Just Give Me a Few…

My family and I finally made it back from our 4th of July camping weekend. We extended it one more day to get a full day in with just our boys. It was a fun time but a little stressful as hosts. Plus, laundry is going to be fun this week with all the Oklahoma Red Dirt. I think the kids wanted to bring some of the beach back with them. I need a vacation to get over the vacation!

I have scanned the Country Mart ad and we can expect some great deals starting tomorrow (7/6). Don’t forget to read about the Grilling Event $6 coupon offer that is valid thru 7/12 HERE. I’m not sure if I will get a chance to post the full matchup this week but I will try to at least have the highlights by Wednesday evening or Thursday morning. I know this won’t help you early birds but if you shop on weekends be sure to check back.

Give me a day or two to settle back into our household groove and I will be back to daily posts on the best deals around town. I hope your 4th was as fun as ours even without any Fireworks (if you stayed close to home). Thanks for reading!

Check out *HOT CVS Sale 6/19 Preview

Check out *HOT CVS Sale 6/19 Preview

Thanks Frugal Living and Having Fun!

CountryMart Coupon Matchup (In-Ad Coupons) 6/8-6/14

We have several in-ad store coupons this week so I will start with those. Everything in this list has a coupon in the ad this week. These are store coupons and CAN be stacked with Manufacturer Coupons but you may only use one per customer or family. All ‘before’ prices listed after store coupon has been applied. All Final Prices using a 2 item coupon are figured at the price of 1 in-ad coupon price and one sale priced item without the in-ad coupon (you can only use one).

Abbreviations to know:

  • RP = RedPlum
  • SS = SmartSource
  • wyb = When You Buy

Nabisco Teddy Grahams, $1.49
Nabisco Chips Ahoy, $2.49
Kraft Easy Cheese, $2.49
Kraft Salad Dressing 14 or 16oz, $1.49

  • $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressing RP 5/15 = $.74 each wyb 2

Velveeta, Kraft Deluxe, or Kraft Homestyle Macaroni Dinner, $1.49
Planters Peanuts 16oz, $1.99
Capri Sun Pouch Drinks, $1.89
Taco Bell shells or Refried Beans, 2/$1.50
Taco Bell Taco Sauce, 2/$2
Kraft May or Miracle Whip, $1.99

  • $1/2 Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip SS 5/15 = $1.24 each wyb 2

Kraft American Cheese singles, 2/$2
Kraft Shredded, chunk, cubes, or cracker cut cheese, 2/$2
Kraft Deli Fresh cheese slices, $1.99

NOTE: There have been a few Mailer, Tearpad, and Blinky coupons $1/1 or $.55/1 for various Kraft cheese items, if you have (or find) these you may get your cheese free this week. I have 1 Touch of Philly blinky left, will have to see if they are included.

Jell-O Ready to Eat Gelatin, Pudding, or Temptations, $1.99

  • $.35/1 Jell-O refrigerated snacks SS 5/15 = $1.29 (exp 6/15)
  • $.60/1 Jell-O refrigerated snacks SS 5/15 (regional) = $.79
  • $1/1 Jell-O Temptations Facebook printable  = FREE
  • $.75/1 Jell-O Temptations (found in box, DND) = $1.24

Philly Cooking Creme, $1.99

  • $1/1 Philly Cooking Creme SS 6/5 = FREE
  • $1/1 Philly Cooking Creme printable = FREE

Athenos Greek Yogurt, 2/$1.50
Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese 8oz, $2.99
Velveeta Cheese Loaf, $3.99

I may try to figure out how to work my $1.50/1 chips wyb Velveeta and Rotel Tearpad coupons this week. Did you find any of these on the Velveeta display before it was gone?

A.1. Steak Sauce, 2/$5

  • $1/1 A1 Steak Sauce SS 6/5 = $1 each wyb 2

NOTE: I would use 2 mfg coupons even though they only double the first to make these two $1 each.

Kraft BBQ Sauce, 2/$1.50
Be sure to check the Hidden Valley Ranch Display for $1/1 Produce coupons that WILL double. These are good for $1 off PRODUCE which means you could stack these with Hidden Valley coupons at any point (exp 6/30/2012!) giving you possibly FREE fresh produce wyb 2 bottles of Hidden Valley. If you find these please be kind to others and only take 1 or 2. Share the savings!

Also, June is National Dairy month so be sure to check out for great dairy product coupons including Kraft Deli Deluxe. You never know what might go on sale this month!

If you know of any other great coupons to compliment these prices don’t hesitate to share. I will credit you by first name only (or not at all if you wish). Keep in mind that I am not paid for anything I do on this blog as of yet and I need help building readership if I wish to continue bringing you the best deals Lawton has to offer. I will soon need to spend money out of my own pocket on this blog in order to bring you better features and more posts. You won’t see Rite-Aid, Dunkin Donuts, AMF Bowling, or Sephora coupons here because we don’t have any local locations.  Instead, you will find Discount Foods sales, Carmike offers (valid at our location), Borders (WaldenBooks affiliate), Central Mall, Seize the Deal-Lawton, and military discounts not seen on other blogs. I can’t do this alone, I definitely don’t have the gas to run all over town seeking every possible deal so it takes readers like you, sharing your finds, to make this blog a success. If you like what you see and want to see more be sure to tell your friends and don’t hesitate to share a deal of your own! Find me on Facebook or Twitter with the buttons at the top!

Happy Memorial Day

It was a great weekend filled with friends and family. I’ve been working so hard on this blog the last 2 months that I haven’t had much time to enjoy the fruits of my labors. We had an impromptu BBQ that I had all of the supplies for thanks to coupons! Now the hubby is working on a frugal backyard deck and play area and it’s fun watching him create something using supplies he already has as well. (Seriously, I thought that stuff was just trash!)

When I take a long amount of time off from here it’s best to just start fresh so I’ve deleted all the emails that piled up from this weekend (except some less time sensitive, area exclusive deals that I will post on tomorrow). I will be back tomorrow with these deals and Wednesday you can still expect to see the coupon matchup for CountryMart.

I hope you all had a great weekend and Memorial Day. I want to take this moment to thank our wonderful troops for everything they do to keep my family safe right here at home!

Walmart Freebies

I came across a list of current freebies after coupons that you can find at Walmart this week. This is a great list filled with razors, fly paper, and Ivory soap. You can check this list out HERE thanks to Deal Seeking Mom!

HOT! $1/2 Bar S Jumbo Franks or Bologna printable coupon

These are the Jumbo Franks so they are not the size that are on sale for $.88 at Walmart but these do often go on sale for $1. That would mean 2 packages for $.50 each! Get this coupon on RedPlum.

NOTE: I’ve read that yesterday RedPlum was having issues with printing. The first 2 times I tried I had an error as well. So I went to update my Java and it printed just fine after the update.

HOT Lean Pockets BOGO printable coupon

There is a HOT new coupon for Buy One Get One Free Lean Pockets. Just check out the Lean Pocket Facebook page to print yours!

$10 in Bounce Coupons by Mail

Do you ever wonder why there is talk of mailer coupons and why you keep missing out on amazing deals without them? Here’s your chance to get one that will be all the buzz in a month or two. Go HERE to request your Bounce coupons by regular postal mail. Now you can see a preview of which coupons are being offered!