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Welcome Consumer Queen Readers!

To my current readers: Check it out, my CountryMart Ad Deals HERE on Consumer Queen!

Welcome any readers joining me via my ad deal featured on Consumer Queen. I hope you find it easy to read my posts through your favorite site. I have a menu set up for easy reference to my features (I love printable coupons and Lawton Central Mall deals!) and a list of keywords and categories I use the most for now. I’m still new to the blogging world but I hope to grow with my readership and find ways to offer you quick ways to read the things that will help you save money while staying closer to home.

I will be updating and upgrading as I go so bear with me. Summer is upon us and I’m taking a vacation the first week of June but after that I plan to look into hosting a giveaway and adding new features to the site. But feel free to let me know if there is anything I can help you find, any suggestions for features you would like to see, or even questions about coupon usage. I’m no expert but if you are new to coupons, I might have had an experience that helps you figure out your own coupon conundrum. (I still have them myself!) Be sure to check me out on Facebook or Twitter for faster responses!

I’m extremely excited to join Consumer Queen’s line up of wonderful bloggers (No, I’ll say it, I passed over-joyed and am down-right giddy!). I can’t wait to share these deals with YOU, my fellow neighbors here in SouthWest Oklahoma! Happy Coupons!

New Blog Design

The views of this blog continue to grow every day. We are 2 weeks into this month I’ve already doubled in views since last month so it was time to upgrade the theme of this blog to something more functional than what I started with. You can see that it’s easy to find me on Facebook, Twitter, or through your RSS feed with just a click of a button over on the top right. I know we all have different preferences so I hope you’ll find this feature useful in deciding how to view this blog and help readership grow.

In the coming months I hope to add more features for you to enjoy. I will work on owning this blog name so that these features will be available to view in their proper format. For now I hope you enjoy the changes and keep returning for the awesome deals that can be found here including CountryMart coupon matchups from each weeks advertisements. You will find a handy tab for categories and tags that I use most often on the right as well. Just click one of those to quickly find things I’ve posted about by keyword or category. They will be in order by date with the most recent on top and I will include dates within the post so can see which deals are still available.

Thanks so much for joining me in my chronicles of saving money and time. I love that I can enjoy these savings with my family right here at home and hope that you find this blog helpful in making it easy for you to do the same.

Disclaimer/Mission Statement for my Blog and What You Can Expect to Find Here

This month I hit 1,000 all-time views for my blog and I was very excited when I opened the page to see that number but with the traffic growth there will be some reader expectations and I just wanted to take a moment to remind you all of why I’m here and making money isn’t at the top of that list. In fact, I have other (neglected) avenues for that and when I post here I take time away from those more profitable ventures.

I like staying home with my kids and think that if a mom can manage it, she is the best person for the job of caretaker even if she isn’t perfect (I most certainly am not). But, with these hard economic times I found myself asking if we could really afford it. I spent months finding ways to make money from home and found ways to make a few pennies here and there, (literally, feel free to ask me how if you would like) but nothing that amounted to more than $2-$400 a month and I would have to spend a lot of time on the computer to make $400 instead of $2.

So, while I continued doing that work I kept my eyes open for other ways to make money and that’s when I found sweepstakes. This can be fun and definitely a way to earn little extra things you wouldn’t normally buy but after 2 big wins ($350 in Karate lessons and a $1200 treadmill) I was beginning to get burned out entering 100-200 sweepstakes a day. Not that it took me long, I was all set up to enter ALL of those within a 2-3 hour time span, daily, thanks to Sweeties Sweeps. But it can be never-ending in searching and heartbreaking when you don’t win prizes you REALLY hoped to win.

At this point, I am making less with my other ‘job’ but winning sporadically. One month I actually made over $1400 just doing things on the computer but the next month I made less than $100 and now I wanted more! That’s when one set of Facebook giveaways turned me onto the coupon blogs and 3 months later (after spending TOO much using coupons, arguing with a few cashiers, reading like crazy, and nearly giving up too many times to say) I decided I needed a blog to read that was Lawton exclusive on deals.

There are so many online deals to be had and a lot of reading and constant computer watching to score them all in time. I actually printed a Sephora coupon and was disappointed to learn Lawton Central Mall does not have a Sephora counter. So, it was time to change that. I searched for a Lawton area blog and found only one with posts over 2 years old. I figure this might be a military mom that may not be here any longer or someone who just didn’t have the time to keep up with it but either way it was disheartening to find it neglected. It would have been far easier to just add her to my list of reading rather than start my own but with a little nudge from my Man in a Cowboy Hat I decided to do just that.

Here I am 1 month later and the traffic is okay but will not, by any means, get anyone’s attention. So, I wanted to be sure to let my readers know that I am doing this free. It is taking time out of my other financial opportunities to do this but I feel passionate about the idea that Lawton NEEDS a blog such as this. I may never make money and that’s fine (for now) but since I’m not profiting any when I sit down to write a post (instead of just writing out my own deals and going about my shopping) then the posts will be a bit sporadic and of course I can’t possibly research them all to make sure the info is accurate. That is why I hope to get a few more readers to help with some discussion on deals I post. Please be sure to share this site with your friends to help keep this blog alive. I don’t need to make money to feel that it’s worthwhile, I only need to know others are reading so I don’t feel like a 5th wheel in the world of blogging. You can find these deals anywhere by subscribing to the right blogs but I will only post those you can find here in Lawton (and awesome deals worth driving for in farther cities) to save you some time and hopefully loads of gas! Plus, I hope to add some fun things as I learn more about the world of HTML codes and computer functions. I’m no computer expert but I do know a few things well enough to not feel overwhelmed every time I want to make a post so I can keep my time here to a minimum while still supplying wonderful posts about coupons, deals, and maybe more someday.

I’m also new enough that I will continue posting tips within my other blog posts about my own coupon experience. Couponing is not an easy journey but just like anything else in life you can’t expect to be an expert at something the first time you try.