KMart Super Coupons 6/26/11 – 7/2/11

Have you seen the Super Coupons for K Mart good for 6/26/11 – 7/2/11.

  • Gatorade and G2 8pk, 2/$9 (Limit 4)
  • Lays Chips, $1.88 (Limit 5)
  • Bar S Jumbo Franks, $.88 (Limit 5)
  • BOGO Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat Sunscreen (Limit 4)

These can be found in the Sunday paper in the current ad – They also have copies inside the store. You should be able to stack these store coupons with the manufacturer’s coupons. I can’t find an online policy that says for sure so if you give it a try let us know how you did!


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  1. I’m pretty sure I found something a while ago for Kmart stating that no stacking of coupons. Either you can use a manufactured coupon OR the store coupon. I’ll have to try to find that again

    • Let us know if you do and where to find it! I used Axe coupons back in April with an Axe in-ad coupon to get them $2 each. But, after being rung up and making it to my car I realized that I had paid more than that. I went back in, talked to the cashier, showed her what I had been trying to do, and she voided the Axe, rerang just that and all the coupons and then gave me $6 back. So, either the register didn’t do it right the first time or I was lucky that she didn’t know policy. I can’t find anything on Kmart Policy, only sites saying they don’t really have one other than one for the double coupons and one for Lay-Away.

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