CountryMart Coupon Policy Change on Handling Coupons at the Register

I went to CountryMart this evening (6/8) and found there were large signs welcoming coupon shoppers and a break down of their coupon policy. You can find this policy HERE if you would like to print a copy for your records.

There is a slight change that I had read would be coming to Homeland stores HERE on Consumer Queen and this policy change is going into effect for CountryMart stores as well. They now want you to present your coupon at the time the item is being scanned. This will help assist the cashiers and hopefully make your checkout experience quicker and more efficient (especially for those free item coupons). This may be a hassle but it will help to cut down on coupon fraud as well since those trying to defraud the system will no longer be able to use coupons for items not listed on the coupon or for things they don’t buy at all.

For those worried that this change will cause more headaches than it’s worth, I did ask the cashier which would be easiest: present at time it’s scanned, place with item on belt, or hand them all to the cashier when you first get to the register. She said she really didn’t mind how the couponer does it but it does help to be on the item if you have quite a few. I only had about 20 or so with my transaction and she had just opened her register so I was feeling a little flustered about trying to get them on there but she took my coupons and just scanned them when she came across each item. It was really very easy and I loved how easy my receipt was to read with this kind of coupon scanning.

She also said that this went into effect this week and we can expect to be asked to do this with every transaction in the future. So be ready! I like to pull over right before I get to the register and organize my coupons anyway so that I don’t have one in there that I had changed my mind about picking up. This may be something that helps you, too.


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I'm a small town, stay at home mom living on a shoestring budget. I spend my time working as a ChaCha guide from home, searching out internet coupons and deals, and entering sweepstakes for fun prizes we couldn't normally afford. Through ChaCha, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes I have found a way to continue staying home with my kids while still affording the things we want. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, but I hope to share my finds with local readers so that we may all enjoy what our small town has to offer without paying big city prices.

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  1. One recommendation I came across is to carry some adhesive tape with you. As you put the item in your basket, use a small piece of tape to tape the coupon to the item. Make sure it is on a small corner of the coupon so it won’t tear and let cashier know when you pull up to the register about your method.. That sounds easier to me than trying to make sure the coupons don’t slip down in between items or trying to give the one by one to the cashier by hand. =) Just a suggestion.

    • That is a great recommendation! I like that idea and will put some tape in my binder to try it out next time I’m shopping. I was feeling a little flustered about it at first but the cashier was super awesome and helped me all the way through. This method will help me be ready from the start. I bet cashiers will love it too since you know they probably groaned a little when they were told about this change as well.

    • But then you are spending money on the tape, so to me that would be extra saving out of my pocket. Maybe if more coupons become a hassle with their new “policy” then maybe they will go back to what works. I don’t know …lol πŸ˜€

      Ya know as I’m writing this, I’m thinking it actually might be a good idea. I like to see each and every coupon scanned and sometimes they go too fast, so this way, I will see every coupon…hhhmmm πŸ˜€ ok We’ll see how it turns out.

      • I have some tape left from a sale at Walgreen’s that made them $.39 each a month or two back, but I’m with you, Army Wife, just another coupon item that crimps savings. I still haven’t used the tape suggestion yet but I do notice that my cart is hardly ever full when I go in so instead I place them on the items as I pick them up. This worked out really well for me since I could just lift them out of the basket with the coupon right there. If I can’t get it to sit on an item (bottles or other odd shaped items) I will usually hold it until the cashier gets to that item. Don’t want to loose a coupon to the hungry conveyor belt, lol.

  2. First comment! I’m glad I read this blog or I would have never known about the change in policy. Also I think I’ll adopt that method of taping the coupon Cheyennre. Good idea!

    • Welcome Amber! I’m glad to see this blog is helping others figure out the crazy world of coupons! Feel free to post anytime here or on Facebook. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Happy Savings!

  3. So I went to the CountryMart on Gore and split my coupons amongst the items and the cashier grabbed them and said she likes to do them at the end lol. I told her I thought there was a policy change and she said she knew nothing about it haha. I used to not like CM but after couponing it’s my fave. Got $30 worth for only $5. Went to walmart after and don’t even want to think about that place…never going there again lol

    • I rarely go to Walmart myself anymore either. But never forget that they price match which came in handy for a lady I talked to last week when Sav-A-Lot was out of their $1 Lunchables. Walmart price matched 20 of them for her at the register with no problem. That is awesome!

  4. Had to put each coupon with each item when I went to Country Mart on west gore yesterday. It really wasn’t too bad since I didn’t have too many groceries (27 in total), but it did significantly slow down the process of checking out. Then one of my coupons went down the conveyor belt…luckily the cashier was aware that it did and was able to retrieve it. I’m going to take scotch tape with me next time so that doesn’t happen again.

    • I’ve been fortunate to have the cashiers tell me I could just hand them over when I pulled up to the register the last 2 times I’ve gone. I loved the idea about the tape but haven’t gotten to use it yet. I try to pick cashiers I’ve used before and look to be in a good mood. Just that small bit of awareness has helped make trips smoother over all. I can’t be in a hurry so why look for the shortest line? My son even pointed this out to me yesterday with an ‘Awe Mom, that line is faster!’ To which I replied ‘Yep, it sure is, so why would I want to be the one to slow it down?’ πŸ˜‰

    • Really Amber? wow, I have not been there in about 2 weeks, but the one on Lee doesn’t do that yet. I don’t mind, it’s no biggy to me, but I would think for the cashiers, it would be much easier to just take them all at once, UNLESS, they are a new cashier and getting to know coupons/products, then I could it that way.

  5. I recently went to another Country Mart and I was talking to the Assist. Mgr there and he mentioned the new policy as well. So, I got in line, put the coupon on each item that had one. The cashier took every single coupon off the items and sat them on the counter. I laughed and said, I was just told by the Assist. Mgr that this is the new policy and he told me that it was more of a hassle and I agreed.
    I have yet to have any cashier tell me about this policy. So, I don’t know when exactly it will go into full effect. But personally I think it will hold up lines and would be hassle. We’ll see πŸ˜€

    • Opinions are definitely mixed on this. I’ve only been to the Gore store once since this change and usually shop Cache. I have placed coupons on the products at both stores and have yet to find a cashier who doesn’t want it done this way. When I went last Tuesday night the cashier was extremely excited that I had done it this way. It did create a line behind me but she just kept going and exclaiming how great certain coupons were and even got excited by my People magazine coupon (I love that those are only $1.99 at CM after coupon!).

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