Walgreen’s Trip 5/16: How I Stacked 3 Coupons for $2.99 Off! Clip-ons and More

I went to Walgreen’s yesterday and did some major shopping. I didn’t save like I did last time (85%!) but I did manage to still save more than I spent ($63 spent, $88 saved!). I knew this shopping trip wouldn’t be as amazing because I had coupons to use before they expired but everything was on sale making most of my items at least 50% off. Plus I had a few situations that I’ll explain that might help you in the future.

(4) Off! Clip-Ons, $9.99

  • (2) BOGO printable coupons
  • (2) $2/1 printable coupons
  • $1/1 Walgreen’s May Coupon book (took off $4 when scanned)

Always scan your monthly coupon book LAST! It will make coupons beep like they can’t be used if you scan it before the manufacturer coupon.

Total OOP = $11.98 or $3 each!

This one allows both the BOGO and the $2/1 because you are paying for one and putting a coupon on the free one. If the coupon allows this kind of use then the stores allow it as well. Most P&G coupons and some others will state ‘1 coupon per quantity stated’ which means if you have BOGO it will not allow a coupon to be used on the second item. Same is true for coupons that say it is good for This AND That as opposed to Buy This GET That for $1 off which would allow you to put a coupon on the first item but not the second since that is actually which item the coupon will attach to. The cashier actually questioned 2 other coupons I had before she got to these and those were just $1/1 coupons, 1 for each item. Once I explained this to her she retracted her ‘1 coupon per transaction’ statement.

Sally Hansen nail polish, $1.09 (clearance)

Total OOP = $0.18 or $0.09 each!

This is the kind of things it’s great to watch out for to get the most savings out of your coupons! But they also have the ‘Hard as Nails’ line for $4.99 with a stackable coupon in the May coupon book for $2/1 so you could use the printable coupons to get the high end polish for only $1.99 each.

Little Swimmers, $8.99

Huggies, 2/$18

Pull-Ups, 2/$18 ($3 RR will print for buying the 2 Huggies diaper products)

  • $2/1  Little Swimmers SS 5/15 insert
  • $2/1 Huggies SS 5/15 insert
  • $2/1 Pull-Ups mailer coupon
  • $2/1 Little Swimmers May coupon book

Total OOP = $18.99 printed $3 RR

Like getting all 3 for $5.33 each after RR!

(2) B&L Renu contact solution, $8.99

  • (2) $2/1 printable coupons
  • $3/1 May coupon book (takes off $6 for 2)

Total OOP = $7.98 or $3.99 each

I was hoping to wait for a RR deal to work on these but I printed the coupons last month so they expire tomorrow. Instead of letting the coupons expire (since there is no guarantee these will ever get a RR deal) I figured I would pick them up now and jot down that I’ve spent as little as $3.99 so that way I know I need to keep an eye out for lower prices in the future. I will never spend more than $4 a bottle for these in the future but if I find them cheaper I will change my statement to whatever the new lowest price is to keep an eye on what prices are good for stockpiling. These 2 bottle will easily last me 3-6 months depending on usage so that gives me plenty of time to scope out future sales and if I come across 1 or 2 dollars a bottle that is when I’ll stock up for a year or more!

I only did 2 transactions for everything I picked up and I had 1 $3 RR when I started plus I received $12 in RR from the first transaction so I picked up the $0.39 candy bars to use as filler on the second transaction. This wasn’t an ‘Extreme’ coupon trip as far as savings show, but with items like diapers, contact solution, and Off!, I can’t beat these prices!


About CharityAnn

I'm a small town, stay at home mom living on a shoestring budget. I spend my time working as a ChaCha guide from home, searching out internet coupons and deals, and entering sweepstakes for fun prizes we couldn't normally afford. Through ChaCha, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes I have found a way to continue staying home with my kids while still affording the things we want. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, but I hope to share my finds with local readers so that we may all enjoy what our small town has to offer without paying big city prices.

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