Walgreen’s suggests you stack your coupons!

Sometimes we will get cashiers that have no clue about using coupons. Sometimes they will even be a bit rude about it but remember you will never be the bad guy in any coupon dispute if you remember to ‘kill them with kindness’. It also helps to back up any statements you are making about coupons and one way is to show them proof.

I’ve read that it’s handy to keep store coupon policies in your binder but how about ad pictures suggesting you to do the very thing someone is telling you can’t be done. There’s some ‘in-your-face’ for you that won’t result in a screaming match.

Check out this great post from Wild for Wags where she gives tips about stacking and how to prove to cashiers that it is encouraged by Walgreen’s!

Also never let a cashier tell you that a RR didn’t print because you used coupons. There are a few reasons they won’t but using coupons is not one of them.

  • Is it the wrong item?
  • Did you use a RR from the same deal trying for another RR for the same deal?
  • Is the RR (or Catalina aka Cat machine) printer off?

If you answered no to all of these then ask to speak with a manager to find out why it didn’t print and be ready with your weekly ad to show which deal you were trying for. You have to learn to roll your rewards, be ready to do multiple transactions, always have 1 item per coupon (Lawton Wags doesn’t count coupon book or ad coupons in this item=coupon ratios), and make the cosmetics counter your go to register. It’s usually slower and if you are buying any cosmetics at all they get a commission and are happy to check you out.

Lastly, multiple transactions doesn’t mean you have to leave the store and come back. I used to do this but it’s not necessary. I will still do it when they are busy or I will just move around to the back of the line for the second transaction. I also offer to let others with fewer items in front of me or even offer them a coupon for something I see they are buying to help give us couponers a better name. You will find that some cashiers have horror stories to tell about couponers and I try to be an exception to the norm for them. They see coupons and they will sometimes cringe (literally) but it’s my goal to end the transaction oohing and ahhing over the savings with the cashier instead of putting one in tears over my 30 minute check-out. I’ve not had to remind any employees or managers yet that I could easily take my coupons to another store but I also keep in mind that they have bad days just like me and sometimes they just need a ‘thank you’, ‘sorry for the hassle’, or just a friendly smile.


About CharityAnn

I'm a small town, stay at home mom living on a shoestring budget. I spend my time working as a ChaCha guide from home, searching out internet coupons and deals, and entering sweepstakes for fun prizes we couldn't normally afford. Through ChaCha, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes I have found a way to continue staying home with my kids while still affording the things we want. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, but I hope to share my finds with local readers so that we may all enjoy what our small town has to offer without paying big city prices.

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