Printable coupons out now

I’ve already shared my thoughts on printable coupons and whether they are worth the money but just for a recap, there are so many rewards available through office supply stores that you should never worry about money spent on these often high value coupons. Just be a little pickier than you are with the ones you clip from the papers. Only print what you KNOW you will use and be sure to check the exp date as soon as it prints as they are often not listed online or on blogs. You can do a google search for deals that might go along with the coupon and sometimes blogs will share the info but to be safe I try to wait until I know a deal is coming before I print multiples. Unless it is a coupon I know will reach it’s limit fast. This can happen within hours of posting on must-have/high value coupons, so be quick!

Passion For Savings has a weekly coupon update email they send periodically and this is one of the most extensive and user friendly list I’ve found for this info. Be picky about what you print but don’t miss out on some of these HOT coupons because you worry printing isn’t cheap. I’ve picked up 2 packs of paper free (and even recently moved to notebook paper for some) plus rewards I’m waiting on from Staples for free ink. I paid to start but Staples will be used to keep my printing costs low and free is most definitely low!


About CharityAnn

I'm a small town, stay at home mom living on a shoestring budget. I spend my time working as a ChaCha guide from home, searching out internet coupons and deals, and entering sweepstakes for fun prizes we couldn't normally afford. Through ChaCha, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes I have found a way to continue staying home with my kids while still affording the things we want. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, but I hope to share my finds with local readers so that we may all enjoy what our small town has to offer without paying big city prices.

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