Free Hand Soap (CVS) and my 4/13 shopping trip (Walgreen’s)

Read the last paragraph if you only want to know how to score your free hand soap from CVS.

I went to 3 different Walgreen’s and did 5 different transactions trying to find the clearance Color Wonder’s I saw for only .49 each. I didn’t find them again (nor will I ever walk out on a great deal like that again) even though I picked up the Walgreen’s coupon calender in the hopes of picking these up. Oh well, I’m ready for back to school with some Crayola coupons. Yes, 5 transactions but this is why I always try to use the cosmetics counter so I can do 2 transactions back to back.

If you don’t know about the calenders, check out the clearance shelves or the office supply aisle for half price Mead coupon calenders. I picked up one for only 2.39 (mine has flowers on it, they also have a teapot and another kind of these and only 3 coupons are past expiration date) and scored half a dozen crayola coupons and Hefty Ziplock storage bag coupons which go great with their B1G1 free sale right now. These are so perfect for those starting to stockpile!


  • Luster 7 toothpaste
  • 3 packages Carefree pantyliners
  • Huggies Little Movers (small bag)
  • 4 Skittle Eggs
  • 4 Snickers Eggs
  • 2 bags large marshmallows
  • 2 Hefty Ziplock Quart Freezer bags
  • 2 Skintimate shave gel


  • Essence of Beauty Anti-bacterial Hand Soap (Sunblossom)
  • 20 oz. Coke

Before sales and tax all of these products add up to $48.53 and I spent $15.28 OOP and used all RR’s received. That is a 69% savings and I basically spent OOP what I would’ve spent on the diapers and shave gel anyway. Another great trip!

If you haven’t read by now, CVS is offering a free bottle of anti-bacterial Essence of Beauty product up to 3.99 go to the CVS Beauty Club Facebook Page and sign up for their Beauty Club to be emailed the coupon to print. It’s only good until 4/15, so you’ll want to hurry! The bottles are a great size (think Bath and Body Works) and they have several scents to choose from. Although, our CVS did have a limited selection on soaps, I did manage to find a scent I love. It used to drive me crazy not having enough hand soap and sanitizers, now I have enough to wear a new scent daily! All free (or nearly free), and I’ve only been at this for 6 weeks! I love how a coupon can make the difference between have and have-not. I’m glad to be with the haves again!


About CharityAnn

I'm a small town, stay at home mom living on a shoestring budget. I spend my time working as a ChaCha guide from home, searching out internet coupons and deals, and entering sweepstakes for fun prizes we couldn't normally afford. Through ChaCha, coupons, deals, and sweepstakes I have found a way to continue staying home with my kids while still affording the things we want. I'm still learning what works and what doesn't, but I hope to share my finds with local readers so that we may all enjoy what our small town has to offer without paying big city prices.

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