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Coupon Trading in Lawton May 2nd and May 4th

I’ve been talking with a fellow couponer I met while coupon shopping and we are setting up a day to trade. I will be in the CountryMart parking lot on Cache Rd. both Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:30 parked across from Lawton Karate. I have some Huggie’s coupons to trade that will go great with the CountryMart sale if you make it Monday. These expire in 2 weeks and I’m stocking up with some printables instead so all the diaper coupons in the 4/17 insert are up for grabs and I had 2 that week (just not my Little Swimmer’s!). I’m looking for Pantene or Aussie coupons to start but will bring my un-clipped inserts for you to browse and I always have my scissors handy.

No need to RSVP or stress about which you might be able to attend. I will be there both days during the stated times and you will definitely know who I am. I’ll be that lady with all the coupons in the back of a big, white SUV. But, if you would like more info you can contact me through a moderated comment here, my Facebook Page, or send an email to my blog name at Gmail. Hope to see you there!


Borders FREE book to kids 12 & under for reading any 10 books

I am an avid reader and have been since I could hold a book. In fact, my mother’s idea of heaven is a giant library filled with her favorite books! My mother passed on her love of reading to me and I made sure to pass that love on to my kids so I love it when there is a promotion that also encourages a lifetime love of reading.

Be sure you print the form located HERE so you can fill out which books your child finishes and when they have read 10 take it to your local Border’s to pick up a free book of choice from THIS LIST. This offer is good until September 5, 2011.

Note to Lawton Readers: Did you know that WaldenBooks in Central Mall is actually Border’s affiliated? Do you have a Borders Rewards card? The yearly fee is only $20 and when you sign up you will get $10 in Borders Bucks to use in June and a coupon book with $100 in savings! Those 2 perks pay for the membership but there are so many other perks such as emailed coupons, 40% off Hardcover Bestsellers, and 10% off nearly everything else in the store! So if you shop Borders, even occasionally, you should really consider joining.

Thanks Sweeties Freebies

FREE Pringles Summer Speaker Can Mail-in Rebate w/4 can purchase

Here is a cute mail-in rebate offer from Pringles. If you buy 4 Super Stack Pringles cans be sure to save your receipt and print THIS FORM to get your Pringles Summer Speaker Can! You can see a picture at the bottom of the form and I think they’re too-cute and perfect for some outdoor summer tunes!

Thanks Sweeties Freebies

Reader Shared 100% Savings at CountryMart!

I received a message this morning from a reader I met in town while couponing at Walgreen’s. She made a shopping trip to CountryMart with 15 Kool-Aid coupons only intending on buying the Kool-Aid but when she made it to the register her coupons  all doubled to give her overage and she had to add things to cover it! Her receipt showed 100% savings!

You never know what a cashier will do with the overage. Sometimes they have been trained to follow the policy to a T. Other times the store is a little more lenient and will only require that they can’t give you cash-back. This was one of those times for this lucky reader and her savings show that!

I have to admit that I’m a little jealous since I have yet to make a 100% savings shopping trip myself. The best I’ve made on a single receipt is 87%. But both are savings to be proud of and I hope other readers are finding the same when they shop!

Couponing for our Troops

Have you been throwing out your expired coupons? Holding on to them just in case…? If you want to know what you can do with them just check out this post from Addicted to Savings where she tells you how she is using expired coupons to help our troops over-seas.

Here in Lawton, Military Pride isn’t just a sentiment, but a way of life thanks to Ft. Sill. There might be places that we can donate our expired coupons locally but until I find out more info this is a way to help our troops and it can help keep you from agonizing about throwing those unused coupons away.

I’ve also found a fairly new Facebook page called Couponing for Our Troops I will have to watch this one and see what options we will have about these expired coupons. If you are using coupons, you know every little bit helps so even if you can’t afford to send money or items needed, if you’re like me, you have plenty of expired coupons that can be made valuable again just by sending them to those who can still use them.

Walmart Updates Price Match Policy

I have not tried to do any price matching at WalMart yet but it’s always handy to know ahead of time how to find this kind of info for when you’re ready to hit another level of your coupon usage. You can find the updated policy HERE.

I do have to wonder how this would work for small towns with limited shopping options. I’m sure they would match Kmart, possibly Dollar General and Family Dollar, but how far out do your think our WalMart’s ‘Trading Territory’ goes? This would be an excellent question to research. If you find out something before this is updated with the info about our local WalMart, let me know.

Thanks to The Krazy Coupon Lady for the info!

$2/1 Pork Ribs printable wyb KC Masterpiece-Great with CountryMart 4/27 sale!

There is a great coupon out now for $2 off a pork rib purchase when you buy KC Masterpiece which will go great with the CountryMart sale the week of 4/27-5/3 since the BBQ sauce is on sale for $0.89! With or without the BBQ coupon you could still get a good deal if you wanted to pick up some ribs. You’ll have to hold off grilling until we are out of fire danger but maybe we’ll get lucky next weekend.

In case you’re wondering about the B1G1 Free pre-seasoned meats they offer and whether this coupon will work on them, I can tell you from personal experience that YES, they sure will! You can only print once from the Grilling website per computer. Just click the link and you will see a button to print your coupon when ready. You will not need to sign up for an account. If you have ever printed these, I don’t think they have been reset. I have printed these off of my PC before so I got the ‘already printed limit’ message there but I was able to print from the laptop just now. Be sure to hang close to the printer since an ad will print after your coupon. Just power it down to stop the ad print.

ChatRoll Test

CharityBeginsSavingatHome - Join Now! (LIVE WordPress Chat)

Just click the Join Now link!

I call this a test because I’m not sure how well it will work but I’m going to give it a shot and see where it goes. Until I host my site, this is the best I can come up with and you will find it in the categories on the right of my blog. I’m not sure how this will work until we get a few tries with it but if I’m in the room that means I’m close-by and will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have. Or, if you’re like me and need some adult interaction during naptime come and lurk until some interesting discussion rolls through.

When you click the link, it will open a new window for you and there you will find the chat window. I’m limited to 10 users at the moment. If it becomes necessary, I will consider making that number larger in the future.

UPDATE: One thing I love about this room is that you can see still see all of the previous chat from before you entered. This is great because now I know to leave messages to let you know if I’m around or not and you will always see them when you come in. I’ve already had one user and it was pretty neat being able to talk about things in real time.

Hope to chat with you soon!

Working on Helping Those New to Coupons

Emails are a little quiet this morning so I’m going to take this opportunity to work on a few things to help out those of you who are new to coupons. I’m hoping to get a chatbox put on here for a place to quickly come ask your questions and hopefully get more timely answers. I’m also in the process of trying to make the site more user friendly to the new couponer so they can quickly find the posts that will help them understand their own coupon conundrums.

As I’ve said before, Lawton is a small town with not much more than farmland and military around us. We are limited to the deals that we can find here especially if they require extra gas to hunt them down. If you have to spend $80 in gas to get a deal, is it still a deal? Hopefully, this blog can be a place to quickly find those deals that are available here without having to go through the hassle and heart-break of searching or driving after something you can’t find.

This morning I found an old planner of mine from 4 months ago. It still has Glade coupons in it that don’t expire until 12/11! I had forgotten that I had started trying to coupon that long ago. My oldest insert is from 3/27 so I always say a month or two. I’ve had my moments of frustration and wanted to give up but I want to save money more so I kept pushing on and I know so much more now than I ever thought I would and the things I don’t know, I do know how to quickly find. Not just about coupons but how to deal with the reality of using that many coupons. It’s not an easy road and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. But, if you really want to save money, a place such as this can offer comfort as well as advice when you’re ready to give up.

So, I hope you’ll bear with me as I work through these ‘growing pains’. If you can hang in there with me, I’ll work hard to make this a great place for live interaction as well as the deals and coupons you seek.

HOT $2/2 El Monterey Frozen Mexican Food coupon on Facebook

Normally I wouldn’t post a $2/2 because I prefer coupons that can double for an item this expensive but these coupons have a 9/27 expiration date so we have 5 months to wait for a fantastic sale (B1G1 Free?). I’ll be after the Taquitos with this as they are my Man in a Cowboy Hat’s fav but I would love to try the Quesadilla if I find a great sale for them.

You can find the coupon on the El Monterey Facebook Page. You will only need to fill out your email as far as personal info goes and it will print with an ad at the beginning but this one is much easier on ink than some I’ve seen.