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Printable coupons Pros and Cons

I had to wait a while before jumping on the coupon bandwagon because I didn’t have any ink but when I found a deal for ink at Staples I was well on my way to saving hundreds on stuff I normally buy anyway every month. These coupons are usually a higher value than those offered in the paper so they can be a great way to increase your money saving opportunities. There are some pros and cons to them though.

One of this biggest cons is that most printable coupons have a print limit so if they are a popular item or extremely high value they will go fast. Sometimes even within a few hours. But if you can grab them in time they can be extremely money saving and worth the ink and paper spent on printing.

Which brings me to the other con. The price of printing can get pretty expensive but check your office store of choice for rewards. I use Staples rewards and they have 10% rewards on their printer supplies which means I get rewards back for buying them anyway and then if you find things through-out the month to earn you more rewards you can get your ink and paper free to cheap this way. They also give you $2 rewards for turning in empty ink cartridges (limit 10 a month). I picked up some paper this month with my rewards and coupons for 3.34 out of pocket (OOP) and recieved a 4.99 easy rebate which I got back in PayPal but had the option for a check. So the paper was a money maker. I got $1 reward for the paper as well plus I have 12.99 coming from a battery purchase and 3.50 from my previous ink purchase making my rewards total next month a whopping 17.49. That’s more than enough to pay for my printer ink so that will be free next time making all of my printable coupons free to me to print in April. Can’t beat that!

The cons may have kept you from printing before but I hope this post helps you see that if you use internet coupons you could be saving so much more and work those coupons to pay for the paper and ink you’re using anyway. I hardly even pick up the paper for their coupons unless I see a really great sale would be even better with a coupon coming out Sunday.

Don’t forget those rebates too! Most of them want you to print out the form and send in with your proofs and receipt. I know this week that you could have bought a Tangled DVD for under $10 WITH a free Color Wonder if you take advantage of rebates. I’m still working on making rebates work for me since the money has to come out of your pocket up front and sometimes it’s just not there but there’s quite a bit of freebies to have this way if you can make it work for you.

I hope this helps with any concerns you might have had about printable coupons. It can really be a moneymaker and Walmart allows for overages so if a coupon doesn’t exclude trial sizes you could pick something up cheap and get the overage applied to your cart purchase. This can help to pay taxes on any free item coupons you might have scored that week. Happy printing.


Free 20oz Mt. Dew at Murphy’s

You will need to sign up for emails from Muphy’s to score this printable coupon. Nice freebie on a day of shopping.

I’m not sure where the link is once you’ve signed up but you could sign up here and then when you get everything finished come back and go here to print the coupon.

12.99 boxed Huggies diapers at Walgreens

These diapers aren’t cheap but I love them so I’m definitely going to grab me a box at this price. Here’s how you do it. There is 3$ off printable Huggies coupon on Print that out and use it with a $2 off Huggies coupon in Walgreens April savings book usually located at the door or register at your local Walgreens. Then use another $2 off Huggies in their Infant Care Book found at the cosmetics register in my store. Ask if you can’t find it. They are on sale this week for 19.99 so these coupons brings your total down to 12.99.

According to other blogs the Walgreens coupon policy gives you the chance to use 2 in store coupons on a single item but keep in mind that Walgreens wants equal coupons and items in a single transaction. Their in store coupons shouldn’t count and you should be fine but if you do have issues try picking up a filler item such as the Snickers Easter egg candies or pencils that are on sale for cheap this week.

UPDATE: If you do this today you can also print off a 15% off coupon to use before you go for even cheaper diapers! Go here to print your 15% off coupon! March 31st ONLY!

UPDATE: There is a new $3.50 off printable coupon for Huggies HERE. You could pick up another box cheap or make this box 12.49 instead! I’ll be grabbing mine tomorrow. If I can grab 2 this will be the same normal price as they usually are at Walmart anyway for only 1!

Free Easter candy at Walgreens

There is a great coupon that’s back. I bet it will end fast so jump on this quick. How this will work is you will want to buy 4 Snickers egg candies (or Mars brand you like of the EGG candies) at Walgreens. The coupon says 2 but they are on sale this week and to avoid a coupon beep and an unknowing cashier, you will want to get 4 which will wind up being less than .10 anyway. Print the coupon twice and even grab one in the April All You magazine at Walmart for 12 good as free candies for those baskets!

Grab the coupon here and don’t forget to print twice!

Why I admire extreme couponers

I’ve never made a major donation. I’ve helped where I could but a few bucks here and there for disaster relief is really the best I can afford most times so when I read stories like this I feel like these ladies are heroes for being able to manage donating something this awesome.

Check out the story here from the We Use Coupons forum.

Magazine Coupons

I found a great post on Passion for Savings listing April magazine coupons. If you have one of these and like a coupon here’s an easy reference to find the page quickly.

You can find the post here.

Hot Coupon Starbucks Frappuccino

There is a hot new coupon for Starbucks 4 pack bottled Frappuccino. These are so yummy but definitely a luxury at their price around here. Don’t forget you can print twice and the exp is 4/30 so maybe a good sale will pop up soon.

Check under beverages for this fantastic coupon!

Homeland deals 3/30-4/5

Huggies Diapers $3 off printable coupon

Free batteries at Staples

This week you can pick up a 20 pack of AA batteries and if you have the 12.99 to spend out of pocket today and a Staples Rewards card you can get 100% back in Staples rewards. I just signed up for this with my last ink purchase and I’ve already used a $2.00  off coupon from my ink cartridge return and this 12.99 reward will add up with my previous 3.50 reward which will equal free ink at Staples once it’s accumulated and ready to print. You do have to have $10 in rewards to cash out, which I had to learn the hard way but this reward will take care of your limit for the print-out. Enjoy your free batteries. Ours will be gone in less than 2 weeks once my 2 year old sees he can play with his toy laptop again.